Peaky Blinders, one of Netflix best shows

The only problem with Peaky Blinders is there just isn’t enough episodes. If You do a binge watch, You will be out of episodes before the weekend is over. The story is about a family business of book making. Not making books that You read, the horse racing type of book. There is lots of smoking, drinking, fighting, shooting and sex. This is a series that You might not think about watching but word of mouth is spreading around the World now and soon this series will be getting the attention that Breaking Bad did.
The main character is Tommy Shelby played by Cillian Murphy and He does an excellent job and most likely will be up for many awards later in the year.

Cillian Murphy

Tommy Shelby

Tom Hardy

Alfie Solomons

Annabelle Wallis

Grace Burgess

Helen McCrory

Polly Gray

Sam Neill

Chester Campbell