Pensacola Bay 3 mile bridge damage from construction barges during hurricane Sally

 In February 2020, construction of the new bridge was complete with only the pedestrian portion to be completed with the old bridge being dismantled to make way for the parallel bridge to begin construction. However, just months later during Hurricane Sally on September 15-16, 2020, a barge got stuck under the bridge before a crane fell onto one span of the bridge; this knocked almost the entire span into Pensacola Bay, rendering the bridge completely unusable

The bridge was also knocked out for months in 1989 by a barge that hit a piling doing enough damage to render it unsafe for passage. At that time ferry boats were used to transport vehicles and People across the bay but the majority of the traffic was diverted to I-10 to Garcon Point which made the normal 15 minute trip from Downtown Pensacola to Gulf Breeze close to one hour.

Class action lawsuit

As with any major disaster You might expect lawsuits to be filed. One of the first to go after the barge owner is the law group, Levin Papantonio as reported by WEARTV

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