President Obama visits village in Kenya but not Hospital where He was born

hospital where president obama was born
President Obama visited Kenya, causing the largest security detail in the history of the African Country, paid for of course by America. The President did all the things You would expect, like greeting Children and elderly Citizens. But when the locals asked Him if He wanted to visit the Hospital where He was born He refused. Even when asked if He wanted to visit off camera in the middle of the night, He refused. They even told Him He could say He was visiting the hospital where His father was born or just say it was a hospital like any other but He still refused. Officials from Kenya have not responded to our request asking if He at least got a glimpse of the Hospital from afar.

While in Kenya, President Obama offered to help Kenya with it’s problem with corruption. The largest area of corruption in Kenya is in Government. Since America has NO CORRUPTION, We can definitely help Kenya. We also can send Charlie Sheen on loan to Kenya to help with problems with substance abuse, Lindsay Lohan will be His assistant. The problem that Kenya has with drought is as old as the country so Obama offered to send Tom Selleck to tell how He solved California’s drought problem.