Price surging is Your fault not Uber’s

Every time You take a ride with Uber or Lyft at normal fares the driver losses money. The only way the driver can make money is to have a good mix of surge pricing mixed in, because most People do not tip. Drivers for Lyft have a little better chance at making money since tipping is encouraged and easy to do on the app. So when You see a small surge like 1.5 or even 2.0 don’t get Your panties in a wad, it is still way way cheaper than a taxi so just pay it and shut the fuck up.

New Year’s Eve 2015:

You were warned countless times that price surging would be in effect on New Years Eve and You were even given tips on how to avoid it. But You got drunk and ignored all that good information and ordered an Uber at the exact time that You were warned would be much more expensive. But You had to be a big shot, didn’t You? Didn’t want to leave just before midnight, didn’t want to wait until 1am, You wanted to show Everyone that You can leave whenever You damn well feel like it. Then You want to complain the next day on social media and to Uber that You got ripped off. You even had to double opt in for Your ride and You still complain that it is someone else’s fault. But congratulations for taking Uber and not driving Your own car, You might be a jerk but You are a very responsible jerk. You might have saved Your life or Maybe a life of one of my readers, so thank You for that.

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