Prostitute scandal not limited to Louisville Basketball team

The Prostitute scandal at Louisville involving the Basketball team has former recruits from every sport and every team laughing. Really? Did People not know this was going on all over the Country? Some prostitute in Louisville decided to make money off the story but the same story could be told in Ann Harbor, South Bend, Los Angeles, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando and countless other Cities. The big difference is most schools do not pay professionals, instead they just provide what is called loose Women and those loose Women are typically very hot students who just love to have sex with athletes. Those Girls do not need to be paid, they might be looking for something more from the recruit but that is not the school’s problem. Typically a team will have someone that lets it be known that a very important recruit or group of recruits in coming in town and We really need to show Him/Them a good time. It is naive to suggest that only Men like sex and they are the one’s getting the benefit from this type of arrangement. The truth is that many Girls fight to get invited to these parties where new recruits will be, they want to have sex with that recruit and they want to be the one that got the recruit to come to that school. The Girl has sex with the athlete and BOTH enjoy it very much but neither has a commitment to each other so both are happy.
The big difference in what the story is at Louisville is how gross it is to use a prostitute. Most recruits want a real Girl, even if the Girl is a slut, She is a student and She is not perceived as a prostitute, which makes Her much more attractive. The recruit wants to feel like He is special and what is special about a prostitute?, Nothing! A prostitute is being paid to be with You, would She be there if She wasn’t paid? Hell No! The two Girls might be the same but they are very different if one is a paid professional and one is a student that just loves sex.

This goes on in business all over the World. If a buyer comes to town the seller wants to get Him laid and if He does He gets the deal. This has been going on in business for 100’s of years and has been going on in sports since the first game.