Quit abusing Pete Rose

Pete Rose was once again denied reinstatement in Major League Baseball. This most likely will be the last attempt by the star player. One of the best players of all time will not get into the hall of fame while He is still living. Someone will correct this horrible decision but not soon enough for Pete to see it for Himself. He will never be employed by any MLB team, which might be the harshest part of His punishment because He has a lot to offer.

There is no doubt that He deserved punishment when He was gambling on baseball while still in the sport as a coach. He said He never bet against the Red’s but that isn’t really the point, gambling in general puts You at the mercy of a bookie and being in that position makes it possible for You to alter the outcome of a game. Pete Rose fans have to first admit that He was justly punished at that time so they can move on to do something about this lifetime ban. His punishment is complete, now this is just a personal vendetta between any sitting MLB commissioner and Pete Rose. It doesn’t matter Who is in that position, They all have the same dislike for Pete Rose because of the way Pete lied about His gambling.

The most ridiculous reason for keeping Him out is the fact that Pete admitted He is still gambling. Really? Gambling on sports is legal in Las Vegas where Pete does it so Who’s business is it now? He isn’t coaching anymore, why does it matter if He gambles on MLB or any other sport?

“All I look forward to being some day is a friend of baseball,” Rose said. “I want baseball and Pete Rose to be friends. I want to say I’m not an outsider looking in.”