Remove the Uber app from Your phone if You do not want them to track You

Uber can look at Your address book and track You even when You are not on an Uber ride. Why would they have that right? Because they asked You for the permission to do so and since You want to save a few dollars by using Uber, You agreed. You probably didn’t know what You agreed to, all You knew is You wanted to catch a ride with Uber.
The new privacy policy is pretty much the same but is easier to read and goes into effect on July 15, 2015. The policy is in response to the complaints from many People about the information that Uber can collect. Uber did not change the information it can collect, it is now just making sure You know it can do it and You cannot do anything about it. Except, uninstall the app from Your phone.

According to Bloomberg, Uber retains permission to hand over data to third parties. If a rider is using Uber for Business, the startup can turn over data to the rider’s employer.