Rent a Car and Drive for Uber or Lyft

There are a lot of programs around the World that are offering drivers rental cars that are to be used exclusively for ride share, either through Lyft or Uber. Problem is, once again there is no money for the driver, it is all for Uber, Lyft and the rental company. Lyft had a program in Las Vegas that was extremely risky for a driver to use and that was when the rider rates were more than 30 percent more than they are now. The biggest problem with the Las Vegas program was the lack of insurance. Under this program the driver is only insured if He is in driver mode, if He gets hit when off driver mode He is liable for the damage and if He gets hit in driver mode He is still liable for the first 2500 dollars. How can You be in driver mode all the time? Part of that program says You must accept 90 percent of Your request per hour so that really means 100 percent because You are not going to be able to pick up 10 trips in one hour so there is no difference between 90 and 100 percent of Your trip request. If You need to stop to quit for the day or go to the restroom and turn off the app, You would be uninsured but if You leave it on and get a request You would have to take it to stay in this program.

The rate for a sedan on the Vegas program is over 200 dollars for the week plus .12 per mile over 100 miles, so if You do any driving at all You will surely have 300 dollars in car expense. With the new rates being 1.08 per mile (down from 1.85) there is little chance You can make a profit. On that Las Vegas program the SUV rate was double and those drivers rarely got the xl rider rate because they were required to accept x rates (lowest).
Uber and Lyft have started every location with a rate that drivers can make money then they slash prices drastically so that they can increase riders drastically. At that time they lose a huge percentage of drivers but by that time they have a huge surplus of drivers that will take a trip now and then at a ridiculous low rate just out of boredom or hopping to get a trip that goes somewhere they were going anyway.
There are no more markets that are profitable for driving for ride share and definitely not to rent a car to do so. The rental program is just more more company making money instead of You. These two companies are great to catch a ride from but not to drive for.