Rhode Scholar Myron Rolle wants to mentor FSU Athletes

Rolle is an aspiring neurosurgeon studying at Florida State medical school, He was also one of the best defensive backs in the college game during His years on the team. He might qualify as the best role model one could ask for. You could not pay any amount of money for what FSU has for free in this Young Man.

Public perception is everything when it comes to recruiting players and to be good at it You need to provide a good clean environment which includes discipline. And believe it or not Everyone wants discipline, it adds structure that is wanted even by animals. Florida State is banning players from going to bars, I thought that was a big fat DUH! But then I found out that other schools would use that against them and recruit players that wanted to go to bars. If that is the case, let those players go to Gainesville or Los Angeles, in the end it will be Florida State that comes out on top keeping players out of trouble and in the classroom and on the field.