Richard Sherman is great for the NFL and Super Bowl XLVIII

Richard Sherman is exactly what the NFL needs and especially just before a Super Bowl. Did You know Richard Sherman’s name before His rant on live TV? I follow football very closely and I knew nothing about Him. I have since learned a lot about Him, and its all good. He is a very bright guy with a very high I.Q. and some very impressive test scores from His college days. Who would have thought? And do I care that He went on a rant? No, I wish all players would tell it like it is and not tip toe through their interviews. Did it scare Erin Andrews? WTF? Who cares, get another job if You cannot handle sideline reporting.


: Richard Sherman was fined 7875.00 dollars for taunting by the NFL, Sherman is expected to reach 5 million dollars in endorsements by this summer, a pretty good return on investment. Sherman grew up in Compton, Ca, known as a rough area, He went on to graduate from Standford. He was the 24th cornerback picked (5th round) in the 2011 draft and can name all 23 that were drafted ahead of Him. He is a Unique Player who would not be known if not for His famous rant. Some hate Him but even some of those same People have stood in line to get their picture with Him during Super Bowl Week. Without Sherman, this would be a very boring Super Bowl week.