Sacrificing A Goat For Racial Justice | Ep. 690

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00:00 Opening
00:48 Sacrificing A Goat For Racial Justice
11:11 The Tooth Fairy Conundrum
13:15 Racist Attacker Brutally Beats Asian Woman
22:26 AOC Shares Her Thoughts On The Surge
25:45 YouTube Believes Dislikes Are Damaging
28:10 Chelsea Handler Tweets Against Due Process
32:19 Chet Hanks Gives The Rules For “White Boy Summer”
37:09 Reading The Comments
42:16 Complicated Parenting Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as the Derek Chauvin trial continues, we’ll try to sort through all of the issues related to George Floyd’s death. Was he actually murdered? Did it have anything to do with race? And, however he died, does he deserve to be memorialized and celebrated nationwide? Also Five Headlines including another vicious anti-Asian assault that’s being blamed on white supremacy, even though it wasn’t carried out by a white person. Plus, YouTube makes a move to protect the feelings of YouTube creators like myself, and AOC says you’re racist if you use the term “border surge.”

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