Sasheer Zamata debuts, Drake host the worst SNL EVER!

Sasheer Zamata made Her debut and the beautiful actress did all She was asked to do, perfect lines and perfect delivery but the writing was sooooooo bad it didn’t come off well at all. Drake didn’t fair much better. His delivery was spot on perfect, He never missed a line and was very at ease with His acting but the material was soooooo bad. Even the regulars looked foolish on this episode aired on January 18, 2014. The question is where were the writers? How can a show be good one week and terrible the next? Where was the writing that was used for Justin Timberlake and for that matter even Justin Bieber’s week was 10 times better than the Drake hosted writing.

It will be a long time before Drake can redeem Himself for something that was not His fault but it will only be one more week before We get to see Sasheer Zamata again. Hopefully, they will use her in the roles that make sense and use Her talents the way they need to be used.