Scam asking you for Personal information about credit card

this scam came to me recently. i spotted it as a scam immediately, some may not. first the email addresses me as valued customer, not by my name or at least the last four digits of my credit card account number. second, once i clicked to see the full email address where it came from I knew for sure it wasn’t from The scam uses a link that says but that link actually goes to a fake chase form that ask you for all types of personal info to steal Your i.d. and allow them to charge on your credit card accounts.

the following is the exact email, do no fall for it:

From Chase dr.metzlaff@t-online.dehide details
To Recipients

Dear Valued Customer

Your account is about to be suspended due to irregular Debit card activities on your account
Click on the Link below and complete the

verification process to prevent your online account from being blocked.

Thank you for being a valued customer