Sex Work Is Not Real Work | Ep. 624

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, AOC and others on the Left have been celebrating the glories of ‘sex work’ and defending sites like OnlyFans. They say it’s a legitimate and noble way to make a living. Why are leftists constantly encouraging people to do things that will make them miserable? Also Five Headlines including 600 dollar stimulus checks as part of the latest COVID relief bill. What good will 600 dollars do? And today in our Daily Cancellation we will discuss the intense controversy over the singer Lizzo drinking a smoothie. Is she betraying the fat community?

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00:00 — Opening
02:14 — Sex Work Is Not Real Work
12:05 — Time Running Out To Pass CV Relief Package
15:03 — Cheers In Buenos Aires After Abortion Bill Passed
18:55 — Why Tom Cruise Was Right
21:57 — ESPN Commentator (Not) Under Fire For Comments
23:43 — Pete Buttigieg Says He Has A “Personal Love” For Transportation
26:54 — Matt Addresses His (Latest) Controversial Tweet
32:06 — People Upset With Lizzo For Drinking A Smoothie Are Cancelled

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