Shipping Wars Star, Roy Garber, 49, Died from heart attack

roy garber dead
Roy was loved by all fellow cast of Shipping wars but the show didn’t want them to show it

The “know it all” cast member of Shipping Wars has died at the age of 49 from a heart attack. He died  before arriving to the hospital. A Known chain smoker, Roy was in a profession that requires sitting for long periods of time and the combination of the two might have been the reason for the heart attack. He was cast as the bad guy, no nonsense member of the show but in actuality, in death You will find out that His cast members loved Him and He actually was just a matter of fact personality that cared about His job and had the reputation of being perfect. His quick wit and unwillingness to take any bullshit made Him my personal favorite on this very popular A&E Show.

He traveled with a cat in His lap every mile on the road. Hopefully, one of the other cast members will carry on that tradition and take over the cat. He really loved that cat so it would be fitting if the show can shed some light on the future of the cat.