Should I Tip my Uber Driver?

Update: This post was written when driving for Uber was a good job with fare wages, now it is slave labor and not even minimum wages. So the answer is now YES, You should tip Your driver, Uber or Lyft, they barely make enough to pay for the gas that brings You to your location.

no tipping is allowed in uberShould You tip your Uber driver? Absolutely not!! There should never have been the practice of tipping drivers of any kind, Taxi, Limo, bus, shuttle or any other. Uber started a system that requires nothing of the rider, no cash, no credit has to be brought by the rider. The rider has an account with Uber that draws money from a predetermined method of payment. One of the best things about Uber is the no tipping policy. If You decide You want to tip the driver, the driver has to be dishonest to accept and You should be ashamed for messing up a good thing for the rest of the Uber riders. Uber drivers get most of the fare that You pay, they do not need to be tipped on top of that. Waitresses must be tipped because they do not get part of the price of Your meal and they get less than standard minimum wage. Uber drivers took the job knowing that the policy is no tipping so they are not expecting tips. If any Uber driver ask for a tip, report Him to Uber and give him a low score.