Super Straight Pride | Ep. 674

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00:00 Opening
00:47 Super Straight Pride
10:02 Derek Chauvin Trial Set To Begin
13:29 BLM Protesters Target Children Entering Cheer Competition
17:19 Don Lemon Reacts To The Meghan Markle Debacle
19:43 4 States Pushing Bills To Keep Biological Men Out Of Women’s Sports
22:55 Biden’s Two German Shepherds Removed From White House After ‘Aggressive Behavior’
23:43 Cow Cuddling Is A Thing Now
26:23 Brawl At Bath & Body Works
28:55 Reading The Comments
34:21 Stewart-Allen Clark Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a new online trend has some people declaring themselves “superstraight.” The Left has condemned it as transphobic, but then again they condemn everything as transphobic. Also five headlines including BLM protesters fighting against racism by harassing little girls on their way to a cheerleading competition, Minneapolis braces for rioting as the Derek Chauvin trial begins, and lonely people have given rise to a new trend: cow cuddling. Plus in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss a pastor who got himself fired after he gave a sermon telling women that they have a responsibility to look attractive to their husbands. Did he have a point? I’ll see how many people I can tick off when we discuss that.

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