Systemic Racism Against White People | Ep. 626

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, some states are reportedly considering a race-based distribution strategy for the vaccine. Is this another example of anti-white systemic racism? Also Five Headlines, including: the deadliest epidemic to hit San Francisco this year is not COVID. Plus SNL actors sing and dance together on stage without a mask, yet you still can’t walk through the grocery store without one. What’s the science behind that? Finally a very somber and personal daily cancellation.

0:00 – Opening
2:30 – “Systemic Racism” Is Vague And Ridiculous – And It’s Not True
12:55 – More Residents of San Francisco Die Of Drug Overdoses Than Of Covid
15:50 – Dr. Fauci Says He Has Vaccinated Santa
17:45 – Police Called On Woman Not Wearing Mask In Library
20:30 – SNL’s Christmas Show Is Painfully Unfunny, And Hypocritical
25:45 – LA School’s Won’t Reopen Anytime Soon
26:46 – Anthony Davis Clips Toenails During Game
30:30 – My 1-Year-Old Daughter Is Canceled

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