Taco Bell Executive is sorry for attacking Uber Driver

A Taco Bell executive, Benjamin Golden was caught on dash cam hitting an Uber driver in California. He has apologized to driver, Edward Caban but it is too late, a lawsuit has already been filed against Golden. Benjamin Golden, who was drunk at the time, was told to get out of Caban’s car but He began hitting Caban instead. Golden says he feels ashamed and does not recognize the man in the drunken assault. He has since been fired by Taco Bell. Without video evidence, I seriously doubt that this douchebag would have admitted that He was even in the car. Golden said He remembers very little, a very common defense.

So Mr Taco Bell hotshot, are You sorry or sorry You got caught? Isn’t this what We ask our very young Children? Mr Golden was acting like a Child so I guess it fits.

The Beating is in the video below