Taylor Swift snubbed by grammys but was the most beautiful!

Taylor Swift became a Lady right before our eyes at the Grammys, January 26, 2014.
Forget that She didn’t win, she has many at home. This was Her night coming out as a Woman, She is no longer a Girl. She has always been cute, pretty and darling but on Sunday night She was beautiful and if there was anyone more beautiful, I missed them. This was a night of misfits winning Grammys, most People had never heard of the winners and probably will never hear of them again.
taylor swift on piano never looked better
Not winning a Grammy should be easy to get over for Taylor Swift, She showed a side of Herself that People needed to see. She was gracious in defeat and She has already accomplished more than most of these winners will in their lifetime.

taylor swift as a woman, no longer a girl
On a night that made most People say, “Really?” There was no shame in not winning because. Think of how hard Miley Cyrus worked in 2013 and She was not even nominated, nor was Britney or Rihanna, that says it all.
taylor swift was beautiful at the grammys