Terror Victims were unable to see their partners at the Hospital in Orlando

Many of the Terror victims that ran out of the Pulse nightclub while a crazy Radical gunman was killing People inside were unable to meet up with their partners later. The ones that were taken to the hospital for gunshot wounds had no way of knowing if their partner was alive or dead because He/She did not come to see them. The reason they didn’t was because they were either dead, also in the hospital or were outside begging to see their partner but were unable to because Florida did not have the Partner registry. Florida does now have same sex marriage but for those unmarried, there are no rights to visit a partner in the hospital, among other important things.

Osceola Commissioner Cheryl Grieb and Kissimmee Commissioner Jose Alvarez, who are working to establish domestic partnership registries on county and city levels, said they plan to craft ordinances similar in Orlando.

“While we have now same-sex marriage, and a lot of people kind of look at domestic partner registry as being a gay and lesbian issue, it’s not just that,” she said during this week’s commission meeting. “It’s for … committed couples that are obviously in a committed relationship where if something happens to their partner, they would have that ability to go to the hospital and be able to see them.”