The Biden Administration Announces Plan To Abolish All Death And Suffering | Ep. 883

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00:00 – Opening
01:52 – The Biden Administration Announces Plan to Abolish All Death and Suffering
12:34 – Matt Laments the Turmoils of Getting His Daughter to Sleep
13:49 – Joe Biden Officially Announced the Supreme Court Vacancy
17:19 – The Ladies of The View Say Clarence Thomas isn’t Representative of the Black Community
19:03 – Trans Jeopardy Winner’s Streak Comes to an End
25:14 – Matt Revisits Viral Video of Prominent Doctor Advocating for Transitioning Children
30:47 – Writer Arianna Rebolini Complains About Not Liking Being a Mom
36-29 – Covid Paranoid Women Freak Out Over Man on Elevator Not Wearing a Mask
39:12 – The Comments Section
49:48 – Gay PhD Student Steph Froech is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Biden Administration has announced its plan to get rid of all traffic accidents and traffic deaths. Reduce it to zero. After failing to shut down COVID, now they will attempt to prevent anyone from ever dying of anything ever again. Also, Joe Biden officially begins his search for a new Supreme Court Justice. He promises it will be a thorough search and he will consider a diverse selection of potential nominees, as long as they are black, female, and liberal. The greatest female Jeopardy contestant of all time, who is actually male, finally loses. A writer wins praise from the Left for publicly announcing that she doesn’t like being a mother. And in our Daily Cancellation, a PhD student attempts to school me on the topic of sex and gender. We’ll see how she did. 

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