The Chauvin Trial Was A Sham. Throw Out The Verdict. | Ep. 715

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00:00 Opening
02:06 The Chauvin Trial Was A Sham. Throw Out The Verdict.
12:28 Joe Biden’s Speech On His Response To COVID
16:04 Six Year Old Paddled At School
25:01 Jill Biden Advocates For Free Community College
31:09 NYC Public Schools Will Have Remote Learning Instead Of Snow Days
33:37 New Documentary Report On Hitler
34:07 Reading The Comments
39:28 The CIA Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the trial of Derek Chauvin was the greatest sham in the history of the modern American legal system. We are now learning just how much of a sham it truly was. Today we’ll talk about the juror who apparently lied his way onto the jury in order to, as he says, bring about social change. Also, Five Headlines including Jill Biden’s push for universal free community college and the bizarre story of the child who was paddled with a wooden board by her teacher while her mother watched. But now the mother is complaining to the media. And in a Daily Cancellation that is sure to make a lot of people very angry, I will explain why anxiety isn’t a real mental disorder. 

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