The Problem Is Bad Parenting, Not Bad Policing | Ep. 702

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, yet another police shooting sparks outrage and protests. This time a 13-year-old boy is killed. As always, everyone is blaming the police. But I think we should move the conversation from policing to parenting. That is the real source of the trouble, and the thing that nobody seems to want to talk about. Also Five Headlines including the Democrats begin their push for reparations while a bunch of white celebrities come out in support of the idea. And the media baselessly smears Ron DeSantis in the most vile way imaginable. Finally in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss the scientists who have now begun creating half-monkey, half-human hybrid embryos. What could possibly go wrong? Or better yet, what could possibly go right? All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. 

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