The truth about the wellness of Scott Disick remains unclear

According to TMZ Scott Disick made a joke out of His rehab trip to Costa Rica. The rehab was a little known facility prior to Scott announcing His intention to rehab his drinking problem. TMZ staff suggest that it was a publicity stunt to promote the name of the rehab facility that offers a money back guarantee, something unheard of in the rehab industry.
At the same time TMZ was showing Scott partying in Costa Rica instead of attending rehab activities, His Girl Friend and Mother of His three Children was in Vegas hosting a pool party. At the pool party, Kourtney said that Scott was doing well in His rehab effort in Costa Rica so either She is oblivious to Scott’s once again Partying ways or TMZ got it completely wrong, either explanation is possible. Then the Hollywoodlife tweeted that the two unmarried Parents of three Children are in a messy Custody Suit. The only news from Scott is Him tweeting about coming to Vegas to host a party March 27.