The Truth Is Hurtful | Ep. 730

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00:00 Opening
00:50 The Truth Is Hurtful
14:35 Walsh Alien Discussion Domination
16:59 Were The Mask Mandates Effective?
23:29 Journalist Asked What He Likes About Being White
31:34 More Potential Alien Encounters Reported
34:06 Celebrity Posts Topless Picture
36:11 White House Encourages Vaccines For Singles
38:01 Reading The Comments
45:54 Maxine Waters Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, USA Today commits the most egregious form of Orwellian speech manipulation that we’ve seen. You have to hear this to believe it. That’s coming up. Also Five Headlines including a new study which seems to show that mask mandates did absolutely nothing to slow the spread of COVID. Who would have thought? And a white journalist is put on the spot in an interview when he’s asked what he likes about being white. It’s an interesting exchange, we’ll play that today. Also, a new proposal from Maxine Waters to give down payment assistance to Americans to help them buy homes. But, of course, not all Americans will get help. Especially not white Americans. 

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