The ‘White Supremacy’ Bogeyman | Ep. 733

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00:00 Opening
00:58 The ‘White Supremacy’ Bogeyman
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11:54 DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Men From Women’s Sports
17:07 Ellie Kemper Canceled By Twitter Mob For Attending A “KKK Ball”
23:36 Nancy Mace’s House Vandalized By Antifa Activists
31:36 Mara Gay Claims White Americans Are Good At Forgetting History
36:11 Reading The Comments
41:48 Kamala Harris is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden makes the grotesquely absurd claim that white supremacy is the most lethal threat we face as a country. We will analyze that claim and see if we can’t identify at least a few other threats that are perhaps a bit more urgent. Also Five Headlines including the woke mob randomly deciding that a certain actress is a racist Klan member. It’s not true, but then again this actress supported BLM prior to this, so I’m not sure I have much sympathy for her. And for a little change of pace, a Republican congresswoman says that someone came and sprayed offensive graffiti on her property. The Left is skeptical of the claim, for once. I wonder why. Plus, in our Daily Cancellation, we will cancel Kamala Harris. Again. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. 

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