There’s A Bug In The House. Grab The Salt And Pepper. | Ep. 724

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left screams in horror as a case challenging Roe heads to the Supreme Court. They say that women’s rights are under attack. But how can they even talk about women’s rights, given that, according to them, women don’t really exist? Also, is Roe likely to be overturned? And what happens if it is? We’ll tackle all of that today. Plus, Five Headlines including Fauci finally admitting that he’s been masking for symbolic reasons. And the ties between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein come into focus, after months of the media canonizing Gates and insisting that we trust and listen to him. In our Daily Cancellation, we will talk about the recent push to convince us to eat bugs. Should we start eating crickets and cockroaches instead of bacon and hamburgers? 

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