They’re Coming For Your Children | Ep. 749

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00:00 Opening
02:00 Joe Biden Wants To Add Four More Years Of Education
15:48 San Fran’s Gay Men’s Chorus Is Coming For Your Children
20:40 Haiti’s President Assassinated
22:11 NEA Promotes CRT While Another Union Says It’s Not Being Taught
30:08 Another Woman Sexually Harassed By Trans “Woman” In A Spa
40:56 Beloved Neighborhood Peacock Assassinated In California
45:44 Reading The Comments
54:10 WaPo Food Columnist Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden unveils his brilliant new plan for education. He wants to add four additional years of public school. Your children should be in the state’s clutches for 16 years, he says. We’ll talk about all of the reasons why that is a terrible idea today. Also Five Headlines including talk of sending US troops into Haiti, a teachers union comes out and says we need more critical race theory in education while another union says that there is no critical race theory in education at all, and yet another woman at a spa in Los Angeles is sexually harassed by a naked trans person. Plus, our Daily Cancellation, where we will talk about a recent Washington Post article which informs us that the word “exotic” is now racist.

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