TMZ Girls outed first to the delight of plenty on The Amazing Race

Update: The fat chicks from TMZ did not show up for the Finale, were they not invited or just didn’t want to be embarrassed once again?

mean girls from tmzThe two most judgmental Girls on Television were on The Amazing race Friday night. Kelly and Shevonne are the TMZ Girls that sit up front near Harvey Levin and make fun of every celebrity in the world. And plenty of those comments are based on body and looks. You have to hand it to them for having the guts to go on a Nationally televised show and get in a bathing suit knowing that they fat shamed so many People over the years. Here they are for Celebrity pay back. It just goes to show that so many mean People have a warped opinion of themselves. The chat rooms were blowing up with mean comments about these two after the show and it is really hard to feel sorry for them. The show ended with Phil walking to them, not them running to Him. I am not sure either of them could run anyway. After being the first to get eliminated from The Amazing Race, TMZ should have let the other staffers make fun of Kelly and Shevonne.  I tuned in on Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th, to see if they were going to show Kelly and Shevonne getting booted off the Amazing Race but they never said a word and I guess they never will. But on that Show, Shevonne made a fat joke at Mama June’s expense. Did She not see Herself in the bathing suit yet? If this had been Kim and Khloe, Kelly and Shevonne would have had a field day making fun of them, but not a word about themselves.

On The Amazing Race, the teams had a choice to complete a puzzle or play volleyball, Kelly and Shevonnne first chose to play volleyball but when they could not score a point, they both remembered that they were horrible at volleyball so they went on to do the puzzle. By the time they realized they were also horrible at puzzles (three hours later), all the other teams were long since finished.

Maybe We could get Charlie (also TMZ Staffer) to get on the Amazing race. Charlie is the very hot valley Girl that Kelly and Shevonne are very jealous of. Everything Charlie says, Kelly and Shevonne make fun of. The whole staff also made fun of Max, one of the most popular TMZ staffers in history. Chat rooms are calling for a team of Charlie and Max on the next amazing race but it is doubtful that The Amazing race will give TMZ a second chance after this poor showing.
Really, any other pair from the Show would have done better.

Who is Charlie? The very hot blonde from TMZ, the one all the girls are jealous of.

Who is Max? Max used to work at TMZ, I heard He returned but left again. To remind You Who He is, check Him out in this video below: (He might have been partying a little before this interview).