Tom Selleck Grand theft produces NO Charges

Tom Selleck Grand theft produces NO Charges, yes, grand theft but no charges filed. Tom Selleck has been stealing water for nearly 1 and a half years according to TMZ from a fire hydrant. He used a water truck to fill up and dump on His nearby property. When the officials noticed it they put a detective on the case and what did they do when they caught Him? They came to an agreement for Him to pay for the water. Are You fucking kidding me? Sounds like a good deal to Me. How about going to walmart and walking out with a few big screen tv’s and if You get caught, just pay for them, sounds like a good risk/reward.

tom selleck on the red carpet
Most People would not think of Selleck as being this dishonest

Hey, Tom Selleck, drive Your water tanker truck to Orlando and get You some of this: