Tough Guy, Justin Bieber cried like a 5 year old Girl in holding cell

justin front view mug shot
Justin is smiling when the cameras were present but cried like a baby in the holding cell
Tough Guy, Justin Bieber cried like a 5 year old Girl in the holding cell, but when cameras were present He was a bad ass. Rolled up sleeves to show off His girly, skinny arms, He listened to a Judge, holding back the tears. According to the, He was put in a holding cell where he cried for His Mommy but No One came. When the cameras were on, Justin was cussing and screaming.
But His Daddy was there, not in the jail but on the street, He is the one that stopped traffic so that Justin and friend could race down a neighborhood street in their 1/2 million dollar sports cars. Daddy is known for being a Father of the year candidate and this might just win it for Him.

We all think He was terribly stupid for racing but there is a good reason that He thought He would get away with it and good reason that father of the year was involved.
When Justin landed in His private Jet after partying for five hours across the Country, the Miami police were waiting and gave Him a police escort to His hotel and to a partying spot. So in Justin’s mind, He had the key to the City and the Police in His pocket, He could drink, drive, smoke, cuss and break the law without worry. Then He does something so silly and what happens? The cops had the nerve to pull Him over? WTF? He was very confused with the audacity of the cops pulling Him over, didn’t they all know who he was? Didn’t the whole Police force know that He had the key to the City?