Treon Harris is not going to be charged, when can He play?

Treon Harris will not be charged for sexual assault, at least not now. The accuser has decided not to pursue charges against Harris but retained the right to do so in the future. That normally means that a deal was made for no charges to come to Her for lying to the Police in exchange She would drop Her case against Harris. This gives Her a way to get out of it but not admit She was lying.

The University of Florida President took the cowardly way out by suspending Treon Harris without even listening to the facts. He wanted the University of Florida to look like they were proactive instead of reactive but now it has come to haunt them. What student athlete wants to play any sport for the University of Florida when the President will throw You under the bus at the drop of a hat. A random Girl Who had sex with two students just an hour apart accused a fine Young Man of sexual misconduct and Her word was taken over His. Shame on Florida for having no faith in Their star quarterback.

Once the accuser saw the facts of the case She knew She was busted for lying. Do not expect to ever hear from Her again. She should be arrested for what She did to this innocent student athlete.