Trump gives SNL best rating in 3 years despite horrible writing

If You were a fan of SNL in the beginning, You would agree that it was the funniest show on TV. Back when Belushi, Akroyd, Farley, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Jane Curtin, Chevy Chase, Dana Carvey and David Spade were the main characters the show was second to none in ratings and in content. Other Actors came later, like Amy Polter, Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan as the writing started to fade. You could say that any actor with average ability could have made it big back in the Original days but Anyone that made it big after that was all on their acting ability. The original writers were the best on TV, bar none. As the writing got worse, the guest needed to be bigger names in order just to get middle of the pack ratings.

Trump brought Trump like ratings

Despite the horrible writing, Trump delivered very good ratings. The writing was worse than horrible, really, the minutes of good writing might have added up to 5 percent of the show. I feel sorry for the very talented cast of this failing show, they deserve so much better than this pathetic writing is giving them. I am very surprised that Trump gifted NBC with His presence.