Two new comedies are the best on Television

Grandfathered and Grinder ran back to back in their debut on Fox. See how they did.

Grandfathered stars John Stamos, Who is a playboy who has never married and owns a high end restaurant. He finds out that He has a Son and that Son has a daughter, so in one conversation He is a father and a grandfather.

Grinder stars Rob Lowe, a tv lawyer who has a brother that is a real lawyer, a really bad lawyer. Rob’s character is loved by everyone and He teams up with His brother to take his tv talent to the court room.

Both shows are very funny and could be the only hits that fox has, I cannot remember the last time that Fox had a hit, can You?

Anyway, it is funny that fox has both of these shows because they seem like the same show with the same star. I often wonder if John Stamos and Rob Lowe are the same Person. Are We being fooled by this one Person double billing? They look the same, act the same, what is different?