Uber announces another worthless perk for drivers

Uber announces another worthless perk for drivers, this time it is a fake discount on gas. So when You get this email as a driver, You think, finally something I can actually use. Then when You read about it, it’s just more bullshit. The gas discount will be up to 15 cents off per gallon but it is offered by Exxon and Exxon is 30 to 40 cents higher than everywhere else, so once gain Uber is treating drivers like they are stupid.

The other perks are things like 15 percent off jiffy lube but You can open the newspaper and see the same thing offered to every stupid idiot not just stupid Uber drivers. Then there is discounts on Health Insurance which is the same bullshit that anyone can get (it isn’t a good deal). Nothing that is offered has ever cost Uber a penny but they act like they are treating there drivers well.

Taxi companies across the country offer sick time, vacation time, 401k and health insurance, Uber offers bullshit.