Uber finally learning about truth in advertising

Uber started advertising far fetched hourly figures years ago and many People disputed them. They were from 65 dollars per hour and slowly trickling down to 50 then 34 dollars per hour. At some point the term “in fares” started appearing. Uber takes at least 20 percent of a driver’s fare, more in some cases. Never did their advertising mention the expenses that the driver must endure, such as owning a car, gas, insurance and maintenance. But then finally, I ran across the uber advertisement, below is a copy:

uber is advertising on google for drivers at 13 dollars per hours in fares
uber’s google ad

Did the legal department write this ad for Uber? Can it get ANY drivers with this ad? 13 dollars per hour in fares is 10.40 for the driver if they are the lowest commission that Uber takes. Some drivers are actually at 30 percent commission. At 10.40 per hour the driver must pay for gas and the expenses of His vehicle. There couldn’t be Anyone that could take 10.40 and operate a vehicle for one hour and still make at least minimum wage. It is as if Uber is telling You that they admit You cannot make minimum wage driving for them and if You decide to, it’s Your fault for being so stupid. It is right there in print 13 dollars in fares, it is now crystal clear, no more lies.