Uber ignoring warnings from Key West officials, continues operations

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Key West only has 59 licensed Taxis on the whole Island. It isn’t a big place so 59 taxi’s can easily handle the volume even during fantasy fest or any freak shows held there annually. The licenses have past through the hands of generations and those that own them thought of them as their guaranteed future. Uber is advertising for more and more drivers even though they are told their drivers will be arrested. It will only take one arrest to make all the Uber drivers quit taking calls. So the question is, do the local officials really want to make arrest or are they just appeasing the taxi drivers? It seems that this is not the only city in America where this is happening. Plenty of Cities have told Uber to leave town but they continue to operate.

update The police arrested ONE Uber driver and charged Him with two violations. He could face 30 days in jail and up to 500 dollars in fines. Uber immediately put their tails between their legs and shut down operations. ANY city that really wants Uber out only has to make one arrest, once that arrest is public, drivers will not work, in this case it was Uber that shut the app off and ran.

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