Uber, Lyft and other ride shares are doing more for prevention of Drunk Driving than any other service

no tipping is allowed in uberMany People choose to take a chance after catching a buzz or even when completely drunk on getting home in their own car. But things have started to change with the emerging of Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and other ride sharing companies. Why not use a taxi? Most Taxi’s will not or do not want to bring You home, they want to have a guaranteed next trip lined up like they do when they drop off at a hotel or mall but not at Your house. They also do not like to give short rides or long rides that puts them out of their normal area. Uber and Lyft drivers will pick up and drop off with a smile on their face, doesn’t matter if it is minimum ride or a far away ride that puts them in a place that they have no chance to get a return rider. Since the taxi services are not reliable and way too expensive, many People will choose to give driving drunk a try. Cities that offer Uber and Lyft are seeing many of the People that normally drive buzzed or drunk are using these ride share services. The reason is, they can get picked up at home within minutes. they do not have to go outside until they see that the driver has arrived by using their app on their smart phone. You can check the progress of the driver or even call Him/Her without either party ever having exchanged cell phone numbers.