Uber opens itself up for more Lawsuits

No One ever referred to Uber Executives as smart business operators and they never should. The app is smart but the operation of the company isn’t. You probably already know that Uber operates illegally in many Cities around the world so this new “panic” feature rolled out in Chicago is not be available in illegal Cities. Why? because it calls the police and says that the Uber rider is in trouble and needs help. Would You want the police to help the Uber rider in an illegal City such as Orlando? No, Uber is not operating legally in Orlando so You certainly cannot help a rider by calling the police, right? But on the other hand if the technology is available and Uber decides not to give that option to the rider and that rider was to get abused, another lawsuit is filed. But is the panic feature any good anyway? If You are stupid enough to be in arm’s reach of Your Uber driver, it is probably too late for You to use the panic feature. NEVER sit in the front of Your ride share vehicle, duh!

Dilbert’s Uber comic