Uber plans to kill surge pricing be prepared to pay even more

There is a plan by Uber to kill surge pricing. That may or may not happen. But if They do decide to go through with that plan it will surely backfire quickly. The only reason that most drivers drive for Uber or Lyft is because of the extra money they make during surge pricing. If that extra money goes away so will the drivers. A typical driver makes 20 percent or more off of surge pricing and that amount is what brings His/Her income to minimum wage. Take that extra money away and now the driver would not even be making minimum wage and on top of that, pay for His gas, insurance and wear and tear on his car.

So next time You are at a Taylor Swift concert and 50,000 People are leaving the venue at once, do not even think about getting an Uber. The drivers will be home asleep, there is no reason for them to be waiting around the corner for Your summons. Uber has this idea that they will be able to better inform drivers that there is a need for them and drivers will rush to the location. Really? I am going to leave my house at midnight and fight bumper to bumper traffic so I can get my 8 dollar fare? No, I will stay in bed, Thanks.

So, What to do now? You might as well stand in the taxi line, remember taxi’s? The cars that have taxi written on the side and with advertising all over them? Be sure to being cash, most taxi drivers will tell You their credit card machine is not working, that’s what their boss tells them to do so they do not have to pay the credit card fees. At that point You can tell the taxi driver that You only have a credit card so take it or leave it, they will suddenly make the credit card machine work. Oh, and by the way, You DO tip taxi drivers, You should have been tipping Your uber driver but Uber lied about drivers being paid tips as part of Your fare.

So now We end up full circle back to taxi’s? If Uber drops surge pricing, Yes, taxi’s are a better option or Your only option. Then Uber will bring back surge pricing but will People get re-used to Taxi”s?