Uber wants to let Women work for less than minimum wage just like Men

It is a fact that in many markets Uber drivers cannot make minimum wage because Uber and Lyft have pushed the rates down to the bare minimum without regard to the expenses that drivers incur. Why not let Women join in? After all We now have gay marriage to be fair to gays, right? Now they are getting divorces just like straight couples so why not let Women get what they ask for? Equal pay! Be careful what You wish for, Women.
Uber also did this promotion with the Military. The push was for thousands of ex military to be able to get these great jobs but most military personal were too smart to fall for it. It will be interesting to see how many Women try this and how many are pissed off when they realize it actually cost money to run their car. Uber likes to make drivers think that the fare that is on their app is all You need to focus on. But many Uber drivers find out just how much it cost to make that fare, but many only find out much too late. The time that it is really obvious is when the mechanic says the transmission is ruined and He needs 3000 dollars to fix it or when the Uber driver goes to trade in their car and finds out it is worth thousands less than they thought because of the high millage.

Uber likes to use the words “earn” and “make” money. But let’s not forget when You “make and earn” You are also spending money. The money You get at the end of each week is like borrowing money against Your car, You get the money now but You have to give it back later.

You can make money driving for Uber as long as the rate in Your City is 1.50 per mile or above. Anything lower than 1.50 will not work unless You have a magic car that does not devalue as You drive it and it never needs repairs or routine maintenance.

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