Under inflated tires could cost You 30 percent or more of Your gas mileage

property inflated tires will save you lots of moneyUnder inflated tires could cost You 30 percent of more or Your gas mileage. Hard to believe that something so simple could mean so much to Your gas mileage. But is it so simple? After all, when was the last time You saw a convenient place to put air in Your tires? Who fills up at a garage? We fill up at convenience stores and big box warehouses, neither of which have free tire filling stations and most do not even offer a pay for air station. Most People do not understand how important proper inflating of Your tires is. If you have a bicycle, You will much better understand why You need proper inflation. Just ride Your bicycle with under inflated tires on purpose, just half a block, then return to Your garage and put the proper air in them and ride again. The difference that You feel is what Your car feels, it creates much less drag on the road and on Your bike, You peddle less and drift more, in Your car Your engine works less and Your car drifts more. Drifting in a car is free, drag in your car is gas and gas isn’t free.