Undercover Boss? Does Anyone fall for this bullshit?

Is there Anyone watching this show that believes People could be so stupid that they would not know this guy with a wig and fake mustache isn’t from undercover boss? The first episode for season 2014 was a douche bag former FBI agent that is about as arrogant as Anyone has ever been on this show, He is the CEO of TrueValue. He is working with People that He has absolutely no authority over but still wants us to think that He is the boss. Each of these stores is owned independently and this idiot has no authority whatsoever over the store’s employees. This is the type of guy that You would love to punch square in the nose and watch Him fall to the floor and cry like a baby.

So how are they going to fill a full season of this bullshit? Everyone has seen at least one episode so anytime that a “new” employee comes with a camera crew wouldn’t someone have a clue?

Since I wrote that, 2 more years of idiots. Are they really living under a rock and believe that a Person suddenly shows up at their business filming a tv show that ISN’T undercover boss? No One ask are You filming undercover boss? I call major bullshit on this show, there is no way in hell They can film this show without someone asking them if they are undercover boss.

It’s time to shut this show down, this isn’t fooling Anyone except People that have an IQ under 90 and those People do not buy products that advertisers are pushing.