What if Dalvin Cook didn’t hit that Girl outside that Tallahassee Bar?

What if Dalvin Cook didn’t hit that Girl outside that Tallahassee Bar? The first thing most People are thinking is why was He outside a bar in the early morning hours anyway? I agree, nothing good comes after midnight for anyone, especially at or near a bar. It doesn’t make it okay, but football players all over America are allowed to go to bars, so Dalvin Cook wasn’t doing anything hundreds others weren’t doing. After what has happened at FSU in the past is it possible for Dalvin Cook to get the benefit of the doubt in this case? Everyone knows about the Jameis Winston alleged rape case and even though He was never charged with a crime, many People do not think He is innocent, maybe not guilty but not innocent. Then there was another Quarterback that was caught on video hitting a girl after the girl hit Him. So, when the accusation against Dalvin Cook was made it seemed like charges could not be filed fast enough, this time No One was going to stand by a FSU player.

Why should We consider anything but guilt in this case? Here is why:

The victim could not identify Cook in a line up of six.
The victim’s witness was so drunk She could not talk, according to the Police report the officer at the scene could only make out a few words that She said and that was “Not Rudolph”. Rudolph is also a football player and this drunk Girl wanted to make sure the police knew it was not Travis Rudolph. That made it sound as if No One knew Who did it, the drunk Girl must like Rudolph so as long as He isn’t the one getting in trouble, Anyone else is okay. Part of the State’s case is based on what the Father of the victim said, He said that He is 100 percent sure it was Dalvin Cook but the Father was not even there at the time of the alleged battery. What does His opinion matter? The victim also originally said that a group of FSU football players hit Her but then She said it was just Dalvin Cook. She only identified Dalvin Cook after seeing His picture on Social Media. What She might have seen on Social Media was a potential first round NFL player that will be worth millions of dollars, He could settle this with money later. This is so similar to the Jameis Winston case it is horrific. The Girl that falsely accused Winston of rape also could not identify Him until She learned more about Him.

Maybe football players should not only stay away from the bars, they should just stay about from Girls completely.

Dalvin Cook rushed for over 1000 yards in 2014, He is on the cover of countless preseason College football magazines.