What is the Truth Behind Uber’s Policies

A lot of writing has been done lately about what Uber is doing that Cities are apposed to. There are other ride share companies but Uber is really the only one that is worthy of mention.

Uber is vague about the background check that it runs on all drivers but so are the other ride share companies as well as the taxi companies. Seems that None will list the things that they will not allow. Is a felony okay? How about DUI? It would be nice to know what the policies are, not just that they are doing the background check.

A lot is written about the insurance not being the same as the taxi companies but this is only partially true. As a rider, You are covered by a one million dollar policy from Uber from the time You step into a Uber connected ride and until You leave that same car. The part of the insurance that is not the same from a taxi to a Uber driver is the time when the driver is without a passenger. At that time Uber refuses to provide any additional insurance.