What punishment should be administered in Deflategate?

A deflated football is easier to throw, especially in cold weather. It is also easier to catch and maybe most important, easier to hold onto when the defense is trying to cause a fumble. A single fumble can account for 14 points in a matter of seconds. Instead of a team scoring, the other team creates a fumble then makes a score can mean a net gain of 14 points for that team and of course cause a huge momentum change.


After Spygate, it was thought that New England learned it’s lesson but deflategate totally defies that theory. The Patriots are not concerned with the possible punishments for cheating so there is talk that the penalties should be imposed against the Boston Red Sox, an organization that has played without scandal. Would taking away victories from the Red Sox get the attention of the New England Patriots? The theory here is the same one used in grade school when one student that gets in trouble constantly is not punished but instead the rest of the class is. The student is likely not to get into trouble again knowing He would face the anger of the whole class.

Harvey Perry, President of the Hartford Red Sox fan club was asked what He thought of the idea. “I am in agreement with this type of punishment but I do not think the Red Sox should be punished more than maybe taking away 20 wins and the World Series Title, future draft picks should be off the table”.