What the hell did Taylor Swift do this time?

With the terrorist attack occupying all the news for days, the Taylor Swift break up was not very public. But now it is and it really is baffling. All these other Boyfriends She had I always thought it was their fault for the break up and then She finally started dating Someone very good for Her, Calvin Harris. Calvin has His own fame and money and didn’t seem to be bothered by Taylor’s worldwide popularity. How could this go wrong? All the others were either too Young or just jerks, or so I thought. Now, I conclude it is something in Taylor Swift’s DNA that causes Her to push People away when it gets past a certain point. And to hear that She broke up and was already hooking up with another a day later is just disgusting.

The new Hair color looks absolutely terrible on Taylor but it now fits Her new personality. I say new personality but it is possible that this was the real Her all along.