What was learned in the BCS National Championship Game?

The BCS got it right. On their last chance they put the two best teams in college football in the championship game, there is no argument from anyone with half a brain that these were not the top two teams.

Tim Tebow is a very good analyst. In the pregame, Tim said that FSU would win the game 35-31, the actual score was 34-31. When TMZ spotted Him in the LAX airport the next day, He said “I got lucky”. That is why Everyone will love this guy when He takes His football analyst job full time next year. But, for the record He didn’t get lucky, He had plenty of facts to back up His prediction, unlike others, He didn’t just throw a number out and hope for the best, He had good reasons for the prediction. He said Auburn would come out fast and be able to move the football because They have a very simple offense and they have done it 5000 times so almost no thinking will be involved but FSU has been working hard on it for a month and will have to read it and react on every play. He was right again, Auburn jumped out to a 21-3 lead before the better team was able to blink.

Nick Saban is a likeable guy and He too, is a great analyst, in fact Tim and Nick were probably the top two analyst the whole night. Nick said that Auburn would need to score 35 points if they want to win the game! How accurate is that?

FSU can come from behind. Not many thought they would have to and many thought they couldn’t but We found out that they could.