When A Country Gives Up On Work | Ep. 830

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a new report shows how government handouts have enabled record numbers of able-bodied young men to opt out of the workforce entirely and indefinitely. But why would young men want to opt out of work? Isn’t that the real problem?  We’ll discuss today. Also, the Virginia governor’s race will be settled tonight. Terry McAuliffe made his closing case to voters last night, and I do not think that it will prove effective. Plus, the Supreme Court refused to step in an hear a case from a Catholic hospital that was sued after refusing to perform a sex change operation. And Sleepy Joe falls asleep at the UN climate summit. Finally, Atlanta Braves fans are still doing the tomahawk chop even though the media has repeatedly informed them that it is racist. But is it really racist? We’ll talk about that today and much more on the Matt Walsh Show. 

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